Our goals

Our goals are few and simple

1. to provide animals in need with care and medical treatment
2. to re-home as many animals as possible
3. to fund spay and neuter programs
4. to provide public education and raise local awareness on animal welfare

If you agree with these goals and wish to help to progress and promote Paleohora as a place where it is unacceptable for any animal to suffer, then please keep on reading and spread the word! On the following pages, you will learn more about our contribution, our animals, their fates and how you can help them. '

You can now become a member of Paws and help us save as many animals as we can. There is a very small membership fee. Most of our founding members have been helping abandoned cats and dogs for years. Some found homes with our own families, some were lucky enough to be taken by friends or kindhearted tourists. Sadly a large number of animals just disappear, get run over by cars or suffer a terrible end after having eaten something poisonous.

How it all started

In summer 2012 the situation got a bit out of hand when the area around the harbor suddenly filled up with abandoned puppies and kittens. People fed and cared for them whenever they could but somehow it became clear that both humans and animals would benefit from a more organized approach towards animal care. So the idea of PAWS was born and steps to become a registered organization were taken.

We are trying to include locals and tourists alike, encouraging the schools and businesses to support us and the PAWS philosophy: to show that we are not indifferent to the fate of our four-legged companions and to try to better their lot in life. Just before Christmas we finally got the court's decision and since the beginning of 2013 we are a registered and approved animal support organization. PAWS stands for “Paleohora Animal Welfare Society”. We do not run a shelter but we do what we can to keep the animals dry, healthy and well fed.

Any help is valuable. Even if you are far away, you can do something. Share our pictures, videos, and stories, tell other people about us. Find out more about how you can support us on the how can you help page. Thank you for caring.